Security Items

The Explorer is the leader in home security. You get the benefit of our more than 7 years of experience every day. Our highly skilled home security experts can custom-design home security systems to meet your exact needs.


Security Keypads

Central command for your home security system. Browse our selection of security keypads to customize your home security system.


Motion Detectors

Browse our selection of motion detectors and choose which size, shape, and functionality are best for your home security system. Pet-friendly options are available.


Door and Window Sensors

Browse our selection of door and window sensors that alert you when a door or window opens. Find the size, shape, and functionality that are best for your home security system.


Glass Break Sensors

Your home security system can detect the sound of breaking glass with our selection of glass break sensors.


Key FOB with Panic Button

Arm and disarm your home security system or call for help with a home security key fob panic button.